About Black Apron...

Black Apron Entertainment is a film and video production company that specialises in creative story telling as well as  high-quality  filming services, with a focus on multi-cam productions and a commitment to diversity.

The trio officially set up the company in 2014 after originally meeting 6 years earlier while working in a west-end department store. While at work the group were required to wear black aprons and the rest is history.

Our Team

Lynette Linton

Co Founder / Creative Director

Bafta-Nominated, multi-award winning Director Lyn. 

Favourite film: Disney’s Hercules


Gino Ricardo Green

Co Founder / Executive Director

Cinematographer, Director & West-End Video Designer G-Ric.

Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption


Daniel M. Bailey

Co Founder/ Executive Producer

25 Champions of Theatre Producer Bailey.

Favourite Film: Kung Fu Panda